is a fraud

Moscow, Moscow 0 comments

I paid 49 USD for this scam, the results: the downloaded application does not work, support do not provide any support apart from link to the download (which does not work!).When I try to watch their channels in the members area - none of the channels work.

When I demanded the money back they stopped responding at all.

Their website is a scam too - if you try to find any manuals or instruction they dump you to an email contact form; and you would not get any response.I am trying now to file a complaint with law enforcement agencies.

SatelliteDirect - Satellite Direct

Makati, Manila 0 comments
Not resolved

The satellite direct service has provided me crappy service, after I downloaded the software and paid.All I am getting is an error saying " not available".

The error seems normal and understandable if they provide us users and manual or user'd guide. The phone number listed in their dealership site does not offer any help at all.

I'd been hearing lots of negative feedbacks about them but no one has provided me a detailed one or atleast can tell where and how we could get refund since this is already annoying.IS satellite direct a kind of a joke?

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SatelliteDirect So Not Worth It

Tyler, Texas 0 comments
Not resolved

I surfed the net looking for consumer reports and only found good stuff.However, once I downloaded the product, I saw it was another too good to be true item.

There were only a few channels. Of those, only a few worked. And fewer still had good enough quality to acutally see. There was no contact information and no way to access any websites except the ones I already visited.

Do not spend you money on this product. It may be good for overseas, but the 720 American channels were not available.

Two thumbs down!Can anyone help me get my money back?

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SatelliteDirect - SateliteDirectTV

Fairfield, California 1 comment
Not resolved

Slick website that promised too good to be true.I have not had such an unsatisfactory experience since the 90's with this type of worthless digital product.

No value. Very aggressive billing by the company. I just said good by to my $49.95 activation charge. Good by.

I should have gone on google first and checked out the company. I guess after so many years I just have let my guard down. Well, that happens to us.

Start to trust the industry and up pops the devil.Especially in this times of economic downturn the shysters and fraudsters will be coming out in droves.

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I have had them for over 20 years and have seen the product get better and better and of course the price will go up but still better than any cable company.

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